An important issue, yet under reported and poorly dealt with topic: Domestic Violence.

Shards of China

I don’t think that this problem is exclusive to China but I’ve lived all over the world, and it’s the only country where I’ve seen regular domestic violence on the streets – during the day, and not alcohol motivated.

A few days ago I was walking down to Louhu subway station, and there was a Chinese guy (about my size – and I’m not small) administering a good slap to his girlfriend for some minor misdemeanour. Hundreds of people walked past as this poor girl wept and her boyfriend carried on his beating. Not one stopped, in fact a police officer nearby turned his back deliberately so he didn’t have to do anything.

Did I intervene? No. This is one of those areas where an intervention almost always makes things worse. If you want a kicking then get involved, it probably won’t be him that hurts you – it will…

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Wooded Island


I really need to get these images and frame them.

Who Knew?

As I’m still digging up information and dreaming about the 1893 World’s Fair, I happened to learn that Korea is hosting the 2012 World Expo.

Huh? There’s a new World Expo coming up? Really? When does it start? Where is it?

Today. That’s right today. In Yeosu Korea, wherever that is.

I have seen nothing about this. I went to Shanghai‘s World Expo in 2010 and didn’t know there’d be another so soon.

I do watch, read and listen to the news regularly and although I live in neighboring China, I haven’t heard anything about this event.  Are they even bothering to make this event international? I suppose there won’t be any best selling books written about this 110 years from now.

Pavillion for the World Expo

Why is this such a well kept secret? Are they finished and ready to begin? Would they rather people wait before coming?


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