Hong Kong – Extended

I live a stone’s throw from Hong Kong. Well, a two hour train ride and a 45 minute bus ride is more like it. Before I got here, I figured I’d visit once a month. Hong Kong’s a great city. Well, I hadn’t been yet and that had to be rectified.

I tried coming on Friday, but got a late start in the morning. Refusing to give up, I tried again on Saturday. I got to the Guangzhou train station a little after 9, and bought a ticket on the 10:39 train. I tried to buy my return ticket, but the ticket agent didn’t speak English or my particular brand of sign language. Oh, well. I’ll get one in Hong Kong. No problem.

I enjoyed the relaxing train ride and just the feeling of being on the road. When I got through customs, I headed to the ticket agent to get my ticket home. No deal. A sign said, “TICKETS TO GUANG ZHOU SOLD OUT.” Really. Oh, boy.

But was I really in a hurry to return to Guangzhou? Was there anything pressing in Jade Green Island? Certainly not. So I embraced this as a Godsend. I got a ticket for the 16:35 train on Sunday and went off to decide what to do now. I walked out of the station and towards the heart of Kowloon. I’m glad I know Hong Kong pretty well. I stopped in a hotel that seemed midrange, and they were booked solid. Oh, no. Was this going to be difficult?

Since I was starving I grabbed some food. I’m chagrined to mention I stopped at Burger King, but they have free wifi and it’s easy, when the restaurant possibilities make your head spin.

While I didn’t have toiletries, pj’s or much of anything, I did have my laptop. One of my goals was to find an Apple store where I could get my Mac looked at. Since Wednesday, the screen had looked distorted and sometimes flickered oddly, very oddly and I feared death was near. An untimely death as my laptop is my lifeline.  I went online and found a hotel. I decided to splurge a bit rather than  go frugal. I figured (note my frugal upbringing requires that I justify this) I live very simply and have been having a tough time with this transition. I knew if I planned a trip to Hong Kong, I’d stay somewhere sensible, so why not embrace a more “what the heck?” attitude.) I wound up at the Intercontinental and they were so nice and the elegance was soothing.

Though I miss my camera, it’s been just a fun city week. Hong Kong and I are in sync. Finding food is a breeze. There are good bookstores here and the occasional Chinese temple to remind you where you are. I happened on to a great string of  BBC and CNN shows last night and this morning caught a decent chic flick. After the film, I went out to church, not knowing the schedule. The Church of the Rosary was just starting mass as I walked in. Later I got breakfast and got a free cappucino. I checked out and then just walked around. I turned a corner and happend on a drum and bagpipe band consisting of all Asians in full Scottish regalia. How cool? (Don’t you wish I had pictures?) Now I’m enjoying a lunch before I wander a little more and get the train.

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