A Bit like T-Ball: Blago on the Stand

I went to the Blagojevich trial today. The defense continued their questioning. Blagojevich got to explain his side of the story regarding requesting Jerry Krozel, an influential businessman in the road building community, to fund raise as he had in the past. He went on to mention how he made sure that his wife Patty not take work that conflicted with the policy not to hire family members for state jobs.

All in all, Blagojevich did come off well. He apologized for all his profanity and boasted of his wife’s intelligence and determination. At one point Judge Zagel cut him off on saying something like, “I’m the last person to stop someone from praising their spouse but . . .” Throughout whenever the prosecution objected to a digression, the ex-Governor apologized saying he always did that. The “aw shucks” was implied.

I didn’t get into the courtroom. Didn’t even try since I’m not about to wake up at 4am to get one of the 16 coveted passes. I sat in the overflow with several citizens and U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald, who sat at a table taking copious notes. Fitzgerald clearly wants to win this one.

I just stayed for the morning. According to the news, the afternoon consisted of testimony explaining Blagojevich’s take on the senate seat search.


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