Oprah’s Long Goodbye

I watched first part of Oprah’s farewell extravaganza. I will say I got rather caught up in the mood. Like her, hate her or something in between, Oprah’s accomplished a lot. Last week she had a show with past guests including a moving piece on an African woman who’d been married away at 11 and forbidden to get an education, who eventually got a PhD in the U.S. despite incredible odds with Oprah’s help and inspiration.

Chicago Tonight is showing interviews from her early days this week. Tonight they showed an interview with John Calloway. Oprah’s clothes and hair were nothing special. And I’m being generous realizing that the 1980’s while better than the 1970s were nothing to brag about. It was just weird to see Oprah in 1984, a very confident woman, definitely egotistical who was on her way up, but not particularly philanthropic. It’s interesting to hear her describe her goals, which back then were ambitious, but really nothing compared to what she did accomplish.


A Good Sunday

Yesterday I got a lot done. I went to church, worked on my script, read about computer forensics, did my online lesson, watched a gripping episode of MI-5 (a.k.a. Spooks), watched 60 Minutes and worked out, while watching the Bulls’ game.

I’m finding my favorite way to spend a weekend is doing a variety of little projects, which bring me these little joys.

The only downside was the Bulls’ loss. They better win tomorrow.


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