Reaction to bin Laden

My first reaction to bin Laden’s death was “okay, this can seal Obama’s re-election.” He accomplished what Bush couldn’t. He delivered on a pledge to the people. Also, it makes us (seem) more secure. I do realize some terrorists may feel they need for revenge, and I hope such acts are found out and prevented.

I’m not given to football-fan-like exuberance so while I’m not surprised by some people’s cheering, it’s not my style. I am satisfied that this goal has been attained, but I can’t cheer. It seems like a sober time, for me at least. It’s such a shame that this man dedicated his life to destruction and that he mistook evil for good. Whatever one’s politics or religion, violence is not the path to success.

Now there’s so much in the news and some of the commentary is just hot air. I look forward to more wisdom in the days ahead as we examine what happened and how to contain and prevent terrorism.



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