Decisions, Decisions

I guess it’s been two weeks since I got a job offer to teach in China. On the one hand, it would be so nice to return to China, but I do want to make more that $2,000 a month. Australian and British schools pay more than US ones and that gets to me. I have applied to a job working for a British university’s China program, but they won’t even interview anyone till after May 12th. I really feel I should decide on my job offer on Monday.

Aside from the pay, I’m concerned about the climate. One response to a listserv query told me that it’s very cold there. This woman said when she lived in this city walking home from a store one block from her house, a bottle of Coke ™ would freeze. That’s right freeze.

I have seen photos of the faculty apartments and they’re much better than the dirty hovels Korea National Univ. of Education (KNUE) had their staff in. I liked the department director and it sounds that there’s concern for quality. Academic quality. That’s novel. I sure didn’t see that at my last job.

One good thing about the job is that the interviewer was intelligent and on the ball. That’s certainly not always the case. A friend who’s in a really bad job was asked only one question in his interview: What will you do when all the women fall in love with you? Yep, asked with a straight face.

Yet, I’m a mid-career professional, not entry level. I have a feeling $2,000 a month is the salary for someone with no experience or someone with several years experience.

Is this bird in the hand worth two in the bush?


Royal Wedding

I’m a sucker for British Royalty. I did wake up for Diana and Charles’ wedding and felt I should get up for William and Kate’s. And I’m glad I did.

My 4:15 alarm did not go off, but I woke up anyway at 5, just in time to see the vows.

She was stunning and he was dashing. We don’t get much pomp and circumstance in our lives and this event hit all the right notes. From the sermon was touching and inspiring. The couple seemed both elegant and approachable.

The grumpy bridesmaid was so real.

My mother put together a fitting breakfast of biscuits, lemon curd, and royal cookies.

With all the depressing news going on, it is nice to indulge in something beautiful and romantic.


I did it, 107 pages in 30 days. I don’t count the cover page.

Now for the rewrite. In other words, the hard part. As Raymond Carver said, “Writing is rewriting.”

A lot of Act One Writers finished. That’s a big part of the fun, writing with others.


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