Sense & Sensibility

Thanks to Sheila being on the ball I got to see Sense and Sensibility at the Northlight Theater in Skokie. I’d never been to this theater and was impressed by the building. Yep, it’s a good professional level theater in the suburbs.

As for the play, it was a faithful adaptation with good acting, especially by the actors who played Marianne, Elinor and the mother Mrs. Henry Dashwood. The woman next to me kept saying that it was like watching paint dry. Far from it. I don’t think she appreciated the language, wit or era in which the story takes place. I found all delightful.

Now there were a few problems, but they were minor. There was no actress cast as Margaret and rather than just writing her out, they kept using exposition to explain where she was and she was always off stage involved in mischief. That just didn’t work. I liked the simple staging, but they were inconsistent about where the one door led to. Sometimes it led outside and sometimes it led to another part of a house.

I did wish that the teens in front of us had not used their cell phones to text each other during the play. They had no idea that people behind them could see the glow of the cells.

Still it was a good performance of a classic story.