My Inbox

I woke up this Sunday morning with all these work emails waiting for me. Mind you I had a conference call last night that lasted an hour (till after midnight here). So chaos prevails and we try to make the best of it. A huge problem is that the partnership contains so much woe and intrigue.

The second international program is getting students that the Chinese aren’t telling the American AP program about. They’re “off the books” and a poor international teacher is caught in the middle. He’s the same teacher that they got a cute Chinese teacher to plead with him to let the students buy their Art Appreciation texts with his credit card. They seems to seek out the soft touch and then take advantage.

Today it’s sunny and would be good to go to Hong Kong or even just a garden in Guangzhou, yet I can’t afford the time. We’ve learned our Program Coordinator/Lead Instructor isn’t coming back from the U.S. So we’ve got to figure out how to manage. I’m not sure “we” was the right subject. I think we’ll have some input, but the final decision won’t rest with us. Some proposed solutions are likely to just make things a lot worse. This we don’t need.

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