Sepia Saturday

sepia sat

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt takes us to the beauty shop. It’s not just a trip for women though. First we have a boy, like many who in no uncertain terms does not want a haircut.

He's not keen on this.

He’s not keen on this.

Here’s a New York man from 1941 who’s getting a mask for his skin. Next is an ad for some kind of machine that claims to comb hair.

The facial mask resembles a death mask.

The facial mask resembles a death mask.


Some other bloggers have offered good interpretations. Take a look at:

12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I agree – he’s vain enough to want a face mask but what is the smoking doing to his skin! of course they didn’t know way back then I suppose.

  2. An interesting selection of pictures.

    I understand why the mechanical hair brushing didn’t take off. It looks like it would pull out hair!

  3. That contraption is beyond me. It isn’t hard and it doesn’t take long to comb your hair. Especially not for men and that’s who’s in the ad, a man.

  4. My father-in-law once acquired some implement which claimed “you will never need to go to the barbers again”. It was a kind of comb with razor blades set in it. It was lethal and was soon confined to the dustbin

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