Cee’s Tips and Tricks: Data Recovery Software and a Survey


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to back up files. It’s painful to lose photos. Here’s one approach. Please share any other suggestions.

Originally posted on Cee's Photography:

Tips and TricksSince my last tips and tricks post, I actually lived a photographer’s nightmare.  One that I have been very fortunate not to have experienced to this point.  I figure the photos I have taken are in the hundreds of thousands over the years.

Data Recovery Software

071114 tips and tricksI got home from a wonderful photo shoot at Hughes Water Gardens, and began home loaded my 500+ photos into Aperture, like I always do.  Since I was key wording my photos in Aperture, I deleted them from my camera’s disk.  Then I went back to actually look at my photos and BLAMO all my photos totally disappeared.

My photos were nowhere to be found.  Not even on my back up drive which I have automatically done when I load my photos.  All traces of my photos were gone.  Needless to say my heart sank.  After ranting and raging for quite a prolong period of time, I calmed…

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