Somebody’s watching us

In China I often don’t even ask our handlers or students questions. It’s not like we get that many clear cut answers. So when they installed two security cameras with very eerie red LED lights, I didn’t as the school why. I guess they’d say the cameras and the motion detectors positioned by our doors were for our security. Yet I’m too skeptical to buy that. Isn’t everyone’s security important? Why aren’t there cameras by the other residences?

We also have sound detectors in our classrooms.

My big question is “Why?” “Why now?”

Some speculate it’s based on a case in Beijing when a British man allegedly attacked a Chinese woman. I don’t know much about that story, but there’s a good article on the BBC on the love/hate relationship China has with foreigners. The American French Fry Brother exemplifies the love and this attack the hate.

That is horrible that the woman was attacked, but would nationwide surveillance result?

It’s very weird walking by those lights.

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