I bet it’s on ebay in 24 hours

Today I went back to the Blagojevich trial. Before they let people inside in the morning the former governor greeted those of us in line. I asked him to autograph my ticket and he did. He wrote my name and then “After the storm the bird sings” and signed the back of the card.

An interesting souvenir except that when I left for lunch, the US Marshal took my card. I asked if I could keep it because of the autograph and he said it was his job to take all the cards. Fair enough. I said I’d be back after lunch and last week we could keep our tickets if we were coming back. He just gruffly said he had to take the tickets and then I’d have to take my chances to get that ticket back.

Well, I had to meet a friend of a friend for lunch and didn’t get back right on time so my ticket had been given away. Drat.

I’ll have to go back and try again.

A word to the wise – either have Rod sign something else or have him sign the card at the end of the day.

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